Saturday, April 25, 2009


Well, here it is...a first look at what Mr. Bachchan looks like in 'Aladin'. Taken from the shoot of one of the grooviest songs EVER. (Vishal-Shekhar are teh_roxxors!)

Yes, you're allowed to drool, genuflect, bow, pray, praise, swoon and jump with joy.
Ain't he THE coolest? Or, as the bigb group at Yahoo calls him lovingly, THE Boss! (apologies to Mr. Springsteen:p)

Bringing up the rear is the ultra-cool Ritiesh...or is it? That's something you'll have to figure out by seeing the see, we love playing with perception, like we said...and this is just one of those little games :)
But that said, you HAVE to see how good Ritiesh is in 'Aladin'. You'll fall in love with him, want to take him home to mother - or just want to cuddle him and take care of him - 15 seconds into the film :) Got a hint now as to who is really standing behind Mr. Bachchan?
But, as the saying goes - this is just the tip of the iceberg.
With 'Aladin', you ain't seen nothing yet...keep watching this space. More goodies on the way.
Oh, and yes, there's a comments section.
Go wild ;) - NV

P.S - Sujoy has just sent in the next part of his posts on the genesis of 'Aladin'. It's awesome stuff. Give me a couple of hours to put it up - maybe with a few on-set pictures too :D Come back/refresh soon...NV

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  1. Just couldn't get it wht do u wanna say by the riteish one.