Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Ma, 

   … this is the only picture I have of you. I’m sorry it’s old and faded. But your memory lives on forever in my heart. 

You named me ‘Aladin’ but I don’t even remember what it felt like to hear you call me by my be scolded by you, to be told by you that everything will be alright, to be told to go to school and do my homework and eat my food on time and I...wish you were here to tell me everything will be alright. 

Wish I could wish you in person today.

Miss you…

Tell dad also that I love him and miss him.




  1. 1 question... whose aladin???

  2. I believe EVERY WORD this gentleman has written!!!!!!!
    EVERY DAMN WORD!!!!!!!

    And I feel this movie has SUPER-HIT written all over its face!!!!!

    It seems to have ALL THE INGREDIENTS we want in an Aby film!
    And plus some more - that too in GRAND way!!! WHEW!!!!

    And just look at this man's writing style:
    "...just why Mr. Bachchan is cooler than Neo in `The Matrix' and Jackman in `Wolverine' and can eat `The Dark Knight' for breakfast"!!!!!!!

    WHOA MAN!!!!! Mr Bachchan, THE DUDE, is in the hands of some of the DEADLIEST DUDES!!!!

    Just praying that this multi-plex things get solved in the nick of time....
    ....and Aladin finds itself the first movie to release after the deadlock is over!!!!!

  3. So I open passionforcinema today and suprise! lol. But this way you should get more audience which your blog posts certainly deserve.

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