Friday, May 1, 2009

Wha...?! (Sujoy Ghosh at his expressive best)

There has been some misinterpretation by the media about something I wrote in my blog the last time. Just to clarify…

First and foremost: thank you for reading my blog. I thought only 8 people read it (out of which 3 are family).

Secondly when I wrote that Sir wanted me to cast a fresh face, he was being totally professional and unbiased and that’s all I wanted to convey. Come on, if it was me, the first thing I’d have asked was to cast my son as ‘Aladin’. But not Sir. 

And that’s why I refer to him as Sir.

So hope that is clarified. I shall try and write more clearly in the future else, as Nikhil says, he will joust and oust me from this blog. Gulp!

(As reference, kindly find attached with this post, a pictorial proof of: the location of the last man who did not do as Nikhil said.)

- Sujoy


  1. omg that was absolutly beautiful, the emotion that went into that was immense

  2. LOL, I love reading your posts and I'm enjoying your sense of humour! :-)